The New Busy’ was a new marketing ad concept to provide us with the right online tools for productivity and streamlining workflow. The idea in theory was to move us away from the ‘Old Busy’ ways of working to the New Busy. These out-of-home adverts were created to represent that idea and get the message across for public reactions and feedback.

An ideal world where we can live our daily lives, in a way that’s time-efficient and enjoyable.┬áNow we have more free time to enjoy things we love doing!

The creative outputs were well received and the client was happy that the adverts didn’t take itself too seriously and was implemented consistently. However, the public opinions and thoughts about ‘The New Busy’ was mixed. Which influenced the direction of ‘The New Busy’ brand and its short lived future. To sum it up, the client saw this like a beta test and got the results they wanted.